Charleston Luxury Transportation: Five Tips for a Night to Remember

It’s a simple process, really: if you want a memorable night on the town, then rent a Charleston limousine. Breaking up the monotony of the designated driver – taxi cab routine is a great way to kick back and have some real fun.

But why not make the most of your limousine experience? Whether you’re simply doing a pub crawl, heading out for New Years’ Eve, or simply catching up with old friends, there are ways to ensure that your limousine experience isn’t only a break from routine, but a downright memorable night that you’ll look back on with fondness for years to come. Here’s how to do it.

Tip #1: Have your music ready. Yeah, setting the radio to a Top 40 station will suffice to get a party with good company in the mood for some fun. But what if you really stepped it up a notch? Create your own playlist and have your MP3 player ready to hook into the limousine to completely customize your own music. Any limousine company worth its champagne flutes will be glad to accommodate your playlist and ensure that you can get the party hopping to the exact tunes you want. You can even put together a CD mix and play them in one of our limousines if you don’t have an MP3 player. Note: call ahead to make sure you’re getting a vehicle with an MP3 connection, just to make sure.

Tip #2: Make sure you have enough room. It helps to know exactly how many people are invited—and how many people actually plan on showing up. But once you have that number, go ahead and check out the limousine options we offer. You don’t have to have a stretch limousine; you can take a small party in a Jaguar XJ or a big crowd on a Party Bus depending on what your specific needs are. Match the crowd size to the limousine size to avoid paying too much—or to avoid having too much unused space.

Tip #3: Pick a basic destination beforehand. You don’t have to set a hard schedule in stone—that’s no way to have a party—but you can do some minimal planning beforehand if you know what you want. Telling the driver which section of the city to drive to will ensure that you don’t spend too much time deciding where to go and instead spend time having fun with friends. If you really don’t want to think, then tell the driver to make some recommendations!

Tip #4: Be flexible. Having fun at one particular pub? Feel free to stay as long as you like! We operate 24/7, so there’s no reason you should feel like you have to be on the move constantly to get your money’s worth. Be flexible and let the night come to you—you’ll be glad you did.

Tip #5: Be responsible. As a party host, make sure that you’re being as responsible as possible. Yes, let everyone kick back and relax, but keep the drinks small and make sure that conversation, music, and dancing is as fun as a little bit of indulging. Responsibility won’t only ensure your safety, but it will help make your night a great memory.

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