Mercedes Limos for Business

When you think about a limousine service, what sort of picture forms in your head? If you’re like most people, you imagine wild parties, loud music, and flowing libations.

But limousine service isn’t always all about the nightlife.

Most of the time, it’s about business: the ability to get things done in timely, peaceful way so that you don’t squander a minute of your travel time.

We get it: not everyone is the “work on the go” type. But that might just be because you haven’t met the right vehicle for your work just yet. In fact, you might want to re-think the way you look at limousine services for business use. In particular, we have a few reasons the Mercedes S550 that Marquee Limo Co. offers is the perfect environment for getting things done on the road.  

Comfort: The Key to Distraction-Free Work

Getting things done quickly requires a distraction-free block of time. As NPR has noted in “The Cost of Interruptions,” the price of distractions isn’t just how much time you lose every time you get out of focus. It’s the “recovery time” it takes you to get back to the task at hand. This is why working on the road is such a frequent challenge.

You might think that being on the road in the back of a Mercedes S550 is a certain way to get distracted. But with a subtle, 1-2 person seating arrangement, you’ll be able to cut out a lot of the hustle and bustle of the office. You’ll be able to handle phone calls without worrying about driving at the same time. You’ll be able to type at your laptop thanks to the smooth ride. In short, the Mercedes S550 is something of a mobile office—as long as you have the right people driving you.

A Quiet Environment

It’s not just the distraction-free environment that helps. It’s the actual peace and quiet of the ride itself. There’s a reason that top businesspeople choose cars like the Mercedes S550 for their work; it’s because they’re going to have a bumpier ride if they choose an ordinary car. The reason for the quality German engineering and the luxurious ride is that it’s pleasing, sure, but when you’ve got important meetings to get to and communication to conduct while on the road, it’s the only option that makes sense.

However, there’s more you can do with this member of our fleet of Charleston limos. If you want, you can take up to three passengers, giving you a smooth, quiet ride during which you can go over your notes for the meeting. Or if you’re riding by yourself, you can jot down notes, handle phone calls, and write down emails to send once you’re at the airport.

Travel doesn’t have to be difficult, and it certainly doesn’t have to poke a hole in your schedule. If you know which vehicle to choose, your next business trip can be an experiment in luxury. Contact our Charleston limousine service to try out the Mercedes S550 to see the difference it makes for your business.

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