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FAQs about Wedding Limousines


The wedding day just might be the biggest day of your life—and it’s certainly the most thoroughly planned. That’s why it’s not strange that anyone who’s planning a wedding will have a lot of questions to ask of their limousine company well ahead of the big day. Below, we took the time to answer some of the most frequently-asked questions we get from wedding parties to help you organize your unforgettable day.   Read more on “FAQs about Wedding Limousines” »

Use a Limousine on New Year’s

New Year's Eve limo service

If there’s ever a night that was made for limousines, it’s New Year’s Eve.

Not only is New Year’s the perfect time for a party, but everyone else is looking to hit the town as well. That means you have to host lots of friends–as well as contend with traffic. But hiring a limousine can knock out most of these problems and ensure that you kick off 2016 with a great party.

Don’t believe us? Let’s count down the reasons why.   Read more on “Use a Limousine on New Year’s” »

Make Your Holidays Easier With Limousine Services

Charleston limo service

There are two reactions that people have whenever you use a phrase “the holidays.” The first reaction is friendly and full of joy: people imagine fun dinners with family, opening gifts, and enjoying everything the season has to offer.

The second reaction is a little different.

For some people, “the holidays” are a logistical nightmare, equivalent to herding cats or pulling off a military campaign. And the bigger your family, the more likely it is you fall into the latter group.

If you’re dreading the holidays this year, here are a few ways you can halve your worries and enjoy an easier yuletide season with the help of limousine services:   Read more on “Make Your Holidays Easier With Limousine Services” »

The Five Worst Limousine Mistakes

limo tours

No one wants to be that person.

You know the type: the kind of person that permanently enters everyone else’s “stories to tell”—and not in a good way. In the world of limousines, every chauffeur has a story about that person, and if you plan on enjoying your limousine in style, you’re going to want to do everything in your power to avoid becoming that.

Fortunately, we can tell you the five most common mistakes made by that person, and how to avoid them:   Read more on “The Five Worst Limousine Mistakes” »

How to Plan the Ultimate Night Out

limo service for special occasions

When’s the last time you had the perfect night out?

You know the feeling. The company is fun, the music is on point, and it seems like every venue you choose is hopping at just the right time.

These “perfect” nights out may be rare, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be planned. In fact, at Marquee Limo, you might say that when we assist our customers with the ultimate night out, setting up an unforgettable night is our specialty. And we’ve learned a few things along the way that can help you put together the ultimate night out, too.   Read more on “How to Plan the Ultimate Night Out” »

Five Tips for Throwing a Great Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no guarantee that every bachelorette party will go smoothly. You’ve likely been to a subpar bachelorette party yourself. You know the kind—poorly organized, with no real plan, in which some people don’t even show up because the prior communication was so bad.

If you’re in charge of throwing a bachelorette party, don’t let this happen to the bride-to-be. Take our advice instead:   Read more on “Five Tips for Throwing a Great Bachelorette Party” »

Take a Limousine to Kick-Start Your Next Vacation

airport pickupsA family vacation is a time-honored tradition. It can be a wonderful time in which you and yours enjoy great company, great entertainment, and build great memories.

It can also be pretty stressful.

Somewhere between the packing and re-packing, the checking for plane tickets, the clipping of seatbelts, the renting of cars, and the sticking to the itinerary, you’re somehow supposed to fit in “having a great time.” But with a whole family to manage, a budget to stick to, and credit card debt to curb, somehow you find that the concept of a “vacation state of mind” is mostly for kids, not adults.

Here’s why we think starting your trip off with a limousine ride can help fix that.   Read more on “Take a Limousine to Kick-Start Your Next Vacation” »

How Far Should You Book Your Limousine in Advance?

“Honey,” your wife asks over dinner, “have you booked the limousine for our anniversary yet?”

“So soon?” you wonder out loud. “But we have a couple of weeks.”

Then, when the week of your anniversary comes, you find that your first-choice limousine company is all booked up. You’re forced to work with a limousine company that you found off of Google; and part of you wonders if there’s a reason they aren’t booked up. When the night of the anniversary arrives, you find out why: it’s a completely second-rate experience.


Don’t let this happen to you! Booking your limousine well in advance is a great way to ensure that the vehicle of your choice will be available when you most need it. But you don’t need to book so far in advance that you completely forget about your booking, either. It’s important to strike the right balance depending on your needs. Here are our tips for booking your limousine in advance, broken down by circumstance.   Read more on “How Far Should You Book Your Limousine in Advance?” »

Traveling to a New City? Try a Limousine Sightseeing Tour

sightseeing tours

Confucius once said, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” And while he might have been talking about the best way to learn new skills and knowledge, we think the wisdom applies just as well to becoming acquainted with a new city.

After all, there’s no way to really learn about a city unless you go out and experience everything it has to offer. You can read all you want about the city. You can study the maps, memorize the important places to visit…but if that’s your whole experience of the place, you’re going to miss out. That’s why we recommend sightseeing tours for anyone on vacationing in a new city—or even for someone new in town who wants to experience their new home in way that’s more hands-on.

Customizing Your Sightseeing Tour

Cities are big; if you want to really experience a sightseeing tour that will show you the important sights, then you’re going to have to narrow down your criteria. Are you new in town and want to see what the nightlife looks like? Are you vacationing in Charleston and want to see some of the old architecture? A sightseeing tour is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition.

To arrange the right sightseeing tour for you and your family or friends, make sure that you contact Marquee Limo in advance and tell us what you’d like to see. Our drivers aren’t only here to get from A to B, after all: they’re here to help make your limousine ride as comfortable and worthwhile as possible.

To customize your tour, simply tell us what you’d like to experience. If you have any specific sights, let us know—and we’ll be happy to have our drivers recommend other sights that might interest you.

Which Limousine Should You Choose?

Now you face another critical decision: what kind of vehicle to choose. You could always make a choice strictly based on capacity; one look at our fleet should let you know the appropriate kind of limousine to suit your sightseeing group.

Generally, you’ll want to have just the right amount of capacity or even a little more for added space and comfort. If you’re giving yourself a sightseeing tour that will have you exit the limousine frequently, you likely won’t need as much space. But if a majority of your time is going to be spent inside the limousine, try and add some extra space.

If you have any other questions about organizing a sightseeing tour and experiencing a new city—whether you’re moving to town or simply here on vacation—be sure to get in contact with us to find out all about our accommodations. We’ll be happy to show you Charleston, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas while giving you an unforgettable night of relaxation, fun, and entertainment inside our charming southern city.

Why Your Business Needs Regular Limousine Service

To some, a phrase like “limousine service” conjures up images of champagne bottles and high society. It’s a service reserved for the rich, the elite: people with a lot of money to spend who don’t care about a return on their investment.

But limousine service doesn’t have to be an unnecessary extravagance. For businesses that need high-quality transportation for a number of reasons, it’s not even an extravagance: it’s just another necessity of doing business. Don’t believe us? Let’s look at five reasons many businesses use limousine services on a regular basis—and why your business might want to follow suit.

Lincoln Navigator LimoReason #1: Not all limos are the same. Your business is likely going to need transportation for one reason or another, whether it’s helping a client get to a meeting or getting your team from point A to point B. “Sure,” you might say, “but why should I need a limousine for all that?” Because not all limos are the same. You can see simply by looking at Marquee Limo’s own fleet that not all of our options are stretch limousines or party buses. Sometimes, a simple touch of luxury will suffice, such as moving around in a Lincoln Town Car or Lincoln Navigator SUV.

Mercedes limoReason #2: Sometimes, you have to impress your potential clients. Winning over the big client means that no detail is overlooked—and that includes the way you meet with a client. Springing for a luxury ride is a small touch that won’t go unnoticed. It won’t always win you the big client, true, but it’s at least a step in the right direction.

Lincoln Town Car limoReason #3: Convenience is sometimes a necessity. If you ever have to work with someone high-profile, or transport a high-profile individual within your own business, then you know that the convenience and security of a limousine isn’t an extravagance, but a necessary part of doing business. Making sure that a high-quality limousine service can bring a corporate speaker to your conference, helping your CEO to make their big flight on time—all of these instances require no margin for error, and sometimes cabs just won’t suffice.

bentley limo serviceReason #4: Some businesses require limousine use. The word “business” might connote some investment firm in a high-rise corporate tower, but not all businesses work this way. Some businesses rely on cooperating with limousine services, such as high-profile theaters and venues that regularly work with show business talent.

Reason #5: There’s no substitute for a limousine. There are plenty of services that get you from A to B, but sometimes it only feels like business when jaguar limoyou’re in the back of a limousine, free to handle business without worrying about the road in the slightest.

To get in touch with a limousine company that understands this need and goes the extra mile to meet it, contact us at Marquee Limo Co.