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Secrets to Making the Most Out of Your Next Limousine Experience

For the overwhelming majority of people, riding in a limousine is a unique experience. It comes along with a special event—a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, a prom, etc. And although many limousine services can be highly affordable, you never want to let a savvy investment go to waste.

That’s why it’s so important to squeeze every ounce of the limousine experience. Don’t just go along for the ride. Instead, take full advantage of all the amenities available to you. Here are a few secrets to accomplish exactly that and make your limousine experience a day to remember:

Have a drink or two!

Riding in a limousine is a great way to ensure that you drink responsibly. And considering that many people who rent limousines are celebrating a milestone like a wedding or an anniversary, your next trip in a limo might just be the perfect occasion for a drink with family or friends. Our Charleston bachelor/bachelorette limo service offers two wet bars to ensure that you and your best friends are able to squeeze every ounce of fun from the night you have ahead. And although we don’t encourage overindulging, riding around in a limousine will help you to get home safely.

Bring your own music

Riding in a limousine is great by itself—and it’s not hard to find some great tunes to spice up the night—but when you bring your own music, you make the experience that much more personal. You can hook up your iPod or smart phone to our limousines to ensure that, along with a lights show (in certain limousine options), you turn the limousine into a mobile party. There’s nothing quite like being your own DJ. It ensures that the night gets off to a great and rousing start and that everyone around you can kick back, relax, and concentrate on having fun.

Use our partnerships to your advantage

If you’re having a night out on the town, we can help facilitate a bit of fun outside of the limousine as well. We partner with some of the hottest clubs in Charleston to ensure that your bachelor / bachelorette party doesn’t have to stop the moment you exit the limousine doors the first time. Enjoying some discounts and entrance to these clubs will not only save you money on your night out, but will give you some great destinations to keep the party going all night.

Interact with your driver

Our professional drivers are great at interacting with you without ever going outside the lines of professional, efficient service. But you can get some great tips from your driver if you’re willing to ask—including destinations and learning all about the amenities you have available to you. Your driver can also facilitate issues like hooking up your music to the limousine audio system and having the proper drinkware ready to go for your party. Our friendly drivers are happy to help ensure you have a fantastic experience.

Even if you’re renting a limousine service outside the Charleston area, you can use many of these tips to maximize the enjoyment you get out of your next limo rental.



Uncommon Limo “Lifehacks” To Make Your Day Easier

When most people think of limousines, they think of big milestone events: proms, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. But what if using a limo was an affordable alternative option for some of the “in-between” days in life? In fact, what if using a limo could actually serve as a “lifehack” that makes your day easier?

It’s certainly possible, but it requires thinking outside the box. With that in mind, we humbly present some uncommon limo “lifehacks” that enhance your daily life while also enhancing your ride:

Using Limousines in the Business World

For many people, the idea of using a limousine in a business context seems like a luxury reserved only for the truly rich and powerful. But you’d be amazed at the kinds of benefits limousines can offer for entire business groups.

For example, you can arrange to have a limousine shuttle your business group around at corporate events. If you have an entire team attending a conference, a limousine can be a relatively inexpensive way for group members to get around. What’s even better: you can tell your driver exactly where you want to go! When visiting Charleston SC, you can get in touch with Marquee Limo for all of your business travel needs while in town. This helps you avoid buses, shuttles, and other modes of transportation that require adherence to a strict schedule.

Enhance Your Night without Breaking the Bank

These days, “party buses” are all the rage. But you’d be surprised at how much fun a limousine can be. After all, there’s nothing quite like riding around in a limousine for a night out—not only does it offer you a chance to socialize with friends, but it offers you the kind of safety you need to get home after a couple of drinks. Party buses make great options too, but for smaller affairs, a limousine might be the “lifehack” that you’ve been waiting for.

Up the Romance

Of course, nothing quite says romance like a limousine ride. There’s something serene and luxurious about riding in a limousine for a date. Although many people opt for limousines on special anniversary nights, here’s a little industry secret: you can actually order a limo any time you want to spice up date night! You’d be amazed at the kinds of prices you can find for a night’s ride in a limousine. What’s more, not having to worry about getting from A to B leaves the night open and relaxed.

Ditch the Taxi

Sometimes, you simply can’t be bothered to work with taxi companies. We don’t blame you. They work on their own schedule and they’re not as worried about your privacy or luggage. If you want a simple trip from the hotel to the airport, a limousine ride is affordable and a nice way to concentrate on something other than your travels. It’s a great way to erase the stress of a business trip without breaking the bank.

How to Instantly Add Luxury to a Night on the Town

When’s the last time you truly had a “night out on the town”? We’re not talking about simple bar-hopping with friends, or even having a birthday celebration at a restaurant. We’re talking about a luxurious journey through the heart of Charleston in the safe confines of a first-class vehicle as it takes you to the hottest spots.

Chances are, it’s been a while.

But having a night out on the town with a bit of luxury doesn’t have to include “luxury prices.” We offer affordable rates for a night out on the town! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or simply want to kick back and enjoy life. Here are our favorite tips for a great night on the town.

Tip #1: Prepare in Advance

Luxury doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something that you plan for, especially if you need to coordinate with a lot of friends or family to make sure that the night of your dreams takes place. We offer a “Make a Reservation” service at our main page here so you can get a head start on your night, whether you need to book for next month or next year.

Preparing in advance gives you plenty of time to ensure that you’re getting the exact service you’re looking for, as well. We at Marquee Limo Co. offer services as far-ranging as weddings, sports events and concerts. You don’t need to be having a wedding to prepare in advance! It will help ensure you get the perfect car for you and have a great time.

Tip #2: Pool your Money

If you plan on having a lot of guests with you on your night on the town, then you have the chance to pool your money together and make the event even more affordable for each and every one of you. You’d be amazed at how affordable it can be when you pool your money together. Not only is this a great way to ensure that you all have a great time, but it helps solidify your plans for a night out on the town. Events like sports and music concerts make great occasions for pooling your money together.  Birthday party buses are another favorite—everyone simply contributes to the party bus fund in lieu of purchasing a gift, and everyone gets to enjoy!

Tip #3: Kick Back and Have Fun

Ultimately, your night on the town is about kicking back and having fun. Yes, it’s about living in luxury. But when the luxury is already taken care of, all you have to concentrate on is making sure everyone has a great time. And that includes you, even if you’re hosting the party! Our friendly staff will work with you to ensure that you have a great time. We just need your cooperation!

Best Nightlife in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina offers exciting opportunities for you and your friends to enjoy a night in the city in style and elegance. At Marquee Limousine Company, we can make sure that you arrive at your destination on time and do not have to worry about finding a driver. Our trained professionals can drive you to your destination while you relax and enjoy the company of your friends or family. Charleston has some of the best ranked restaurants and bars in the state for you to enjoy during a night out.

Bay Street Biergarten

If you are interested in traditional German beers and you have a love for Bavarian-inspired cuisine, then the Bay Street Biergarten may be a perfect destination for you and your friends. This restaurant and bar has the atmosphere of a traditional Biergarten combined with Southern made cuisine and beers from around the world. The restaurant and bar is housed in the old Wilmington Railroad Depot, which was then converted to the current 7,400 square-foot facility that has a state-of-the-art tap system, including a train whistles that play as an homage to the building’s history. At Marquee Limousine Company, we are happy to help you traverse the streets in Charleston to get you to the Bay Street Biergarten for a night of fun with your friends.

The Vendue Hotel Rooftop Bar

Now that summer is approaching, you may want to leave the indoors behind and enjoy the warm weather. The Vendue Hotel, which is a local Charleston hotel, has been rated Best Rooftop Bar by the Charleston City Paper for the last seven years. The Rooftop Bar is a great location for an after work meeting or a place to start your night with friends. At the bar you will find beautiful views of the Charleston Harbor, Waterfront Park, the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, and more. You can even plan your night out to The Rooftop Bar with Marquee Limousine Company on a night when there is live music to enjoy!

Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub & Seafood Restaurant

Charleston is home to eclectic restaurants and bars, from high-end American food to traditional Irish pub fare. Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub & Seafood Restaurant provides an authentic Irish experience, including live Irish music and traditional food and drink. You could always make reservations to visit the restaurant during their annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. You and your friends can enjoy over twenty beers on tap and fifteen local craft brews. The restaurant also provides four different sections, including an outdoor covered deck, an interior pub section, a back dining room for larger parties, and a friendly bar.

Marquee Limousine Company is happy to take care of the travel arrangements for your night on the town so that you can enjoy food, drinks, and good friends. If you are interested in our fleet then please contact us at 843-530-3257.

Best Prom, Wedding, and Graduation Limo Destinations in Charleston

Spring is the season when school is ending and people are looking to formalize their relationships, either at their high school prom or at a wedding ceremony. Charleston has many beautiful opportunities for prom settings, weddings, and graduation venues. At Marquee Limousine Company, we can take care of your travel arrangements on your special day. If you are getting married this spring, then you will also have a lot of friends and family members coming to Charleston for a celebratory week or weekend. You can take care of the details for wedding transportation around the greater Charleston area beforehand by contacting Marquee Limousine Company. In addition, if you are celebrating your high school prom you will want to travel in style in order to impress your date. Limousine transportation is safe and enjoyable for celebratory events for you and your family.

Charleston is home to some of the finest restaurants in South Carolina. If you are holding a reception dinner, going out to prom, or going out to dinner with your son or daughter after graduation then there are many restaurants to choose from in Charleston.

Grill 225

This is a luxury dining establishment and a member of the Great Steakhouses of North America. The establishment is located in downtown Charleston and provides quality food such as steak, seafood and lobsters that make for fine dining. This is an elegant experience that would be perfect both for an intimate event or a couple out on a date.

Brasserie Gigil

If you like seafood then the Brasserie Gigi might be the best place to start off your night. This elegant and lively atmosphere serves food all day and late into the night. The restaurant is led by Chef Frank McMahon, who brings in well-crafted European dishes from his Italian childhood. The restaurant is perfect for an intimate date with you and a loved one.

High Cotton Charleston

The restaurant is filled with delicious food and a warm and celebratory environment. High Cotton Charleston combines local ingredients, skilled techniques, and Southern hospitality to provide you with a warm and welcoming environment. You can reserve space at the restaurant for weddings, business, and other social events. The menu is rich with simple and delicious cuisine, and a remarkable wine and cocktail serving.

It can be stressful if you are responsible for setting up the night plans or coordinating transportation for wedding guests. You can reserve wedding limousine service, including chauffeured luxury cars, so that you and your friends and family can travel in style. Marquee Limousine Company also has luxury sedans and party buses for larger groups. By booking a limousine you ensure that none of your guests will get lost at an event or stranded at the airport upon arrival. Charleston wedding limousine service allows you to relax and not worry about traffic, parking, or directions. For more information about all of our state-of-the-art vehicles that come equipped with amenities then you can contact us at 843-530-3257 or at [email protected].

Considerations for Renting a Limousine

Renting a limo is great for special occasions, such as weddings, prom nights, as well as visiting business professionals. Transportation service allows you and your guests to relax and enjoy the evening while a driver takes care of the directions and parking. A luxury car service, like Marquee Limousine Company in Charleston, can be helpful in facilitating safe and dependable transportation that provides you comfort and style. It is important that our customers are well aware of what to look for when choosing their limousine service. Below you can find tips that will help you along your way to determine the right limousine company and service for your occasion.

How Much is it Anyway?

People are often concerned about the price of a limousine so it is important that you have all the necessary information when confirming your reservation. We do not want customers to have any unexpected expenses when renting with our company; therefore, we provide free and accurate quotes about our prices based on time, party size, the style of the car, and other factors. You can check online for our daily and hourly rates in order to determine which one works best for your occasion. Make sure that you receive documentation in writing so that you have a record of the value.

How Can I Trust Them?

We understand that it is important for our customers to have a limousine company that has a fleet and services that they can trust. In addition to free online quotes, you can also call us to ask questions of our customer service representatives. We have a full list of our fleet online so that customers can have a full view of their options. In addition, we have collected a series of testimonials from satisfied customers that have assessed different types of our services. Our testimonials are available online and highlight the clean and remarkably punctual services offered by our company.

How Can I Be Sure?

If you are uncertain about a limousine service company then you can access a public list of licensed limousine companies. A list of authorized companies are typically provided by the city or state in which you live. You can also get references, such as reviewing or asking for the company’s policies on breakdowns, missed pickups and cancellations. Limousine companies are required to have their fleet serviced annually, so you can be sure that your transportation will be safe and reliable. When you step into any of our vehicles the driver will be able to provide you with a chauffeur’s license and a driving record.

Our limousine company specializes in transportation for corporate events, airport travel, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, proms, sporting events, and much more. We are Charleston’s premier limousine service provider and are attentive to our customers needs and desires. If you have more questions about our limousine transportation services then you can always contact us online or by calling 843-530-3257.

Top Hotels in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has become a popular destination for vacations, businesses, and corporate retreats. There are luxury hotels in the Charleston area that provide visitors and business travelers with comfortable sleeping amenities for their time here. We are happy to pick you up at the airport and take you to any one of the luxury hotels in the Charleston area. Here are some of the top hotels that are frequented by visitors:

Belmond Charleston Place

This 17th century residence has elegant and decadent amenities for people who are on vacation and for business travelers. The historic Italian hotel features a marble lobby with a Georgian Open Arm staircase and crystal chandeliers. The hotel has a variety of bedroom styles, including deluxe, junior, club, and signature suites that are available at various prices. Visitors have access to food and entertainment from the award-winning dining at the Charleston Grill and the Palmetto Cafe. The hotel is a popular destination for weddings and corporate meetings. After a long day of work the hotel offers an array of spa treatments.

Market Pavillion Hotel

Commonly known as one of the most luxurious hotels in downtown Charleston, the Market Pavillion Hotel is located right along the waterfront with easy access to beautiful scenery, shopping, and an active nightlife. You can relax in style and comfort in a variety of bedrooms that have the aesthetic of historic Charleston. Grill 225 is a premier steakhouse that is attached to the hotel. You can reserve space for either your next social gathering or corporate function, as the hotel has a variety of meeting rooms and space to hold conferences and events.

The Restoration on King

One of the finest hotels in Charleston offers quick and easy access to the historic city treasures as well as downtown stores and restaurants. Many hotels in the downtown Charleston area echo the historical south; however, this hotel combines historic architecture with a contemporary design. The hotel has sixteen fully furnished apartments with exposed brick walls and original wood flooring. The spacious amenities ensure provide a comfortable room to go back to after exploring the city for the day. The hotel also provides opportunities for long term stays. Executive retreats, small group events, and weddings are all held in the hotel. Visitors have access to a roof-top patio with beautiful views of the city and the nearby river.

The city is a beautiful destination for visitors and business travel, including the growing presence of the technology industry in the area. Marquee Limousine company is happy to offer services for people who need transportation from the airport, as well as businesses travelers who are attending meetings in the Charleston area. We provide access to the best hotels in Charleston so that you can enjoy your stay. If you are having a wedding at one of the local hotels we even provide transportation between your home, the hotel, and the location of the reception. Our drivers are knowledgeable about the city and can get you to your location safely and on time.

Celebrating Your Birthday in Style

Whether you are celebrating your 21st or 50th birthday, Marquee Limousine Company is here to help you celebrate your birthday in style. Often times, attending to the details of transportation around your birthday party can be stressful and takes away from the fun experience of celebrating with your friends. Let us take care of the transportation and you can celebrate your birthday with your friends while chauffeured around town with your friends. We have included some birthday ideas below where you and your friends can celebrate in Charlestown, while we take care of the details.

Dance the Night Away

You can start of your evening by going to the Pavilion Bar the Market Pavilion Hotel, which offers a rooftop view of the city, panoramic views of the harbor, and well-made cocktails and elegant cuisine. We can pick you and your friends up in a limousine and wait outside while you get your night started.

Party Like a Kid

You may miss your early years when birthday parties consisted of laser tag, arcade games and bowling. You can throw your adult birthday party at AMF Bowling in Charleston where you can eat great food with your friends and bowl the night away. Marquee Limousine company is happy to drive you to the bowling alley and wait until you are done to drive you home. You can relax and listen to music with your friends before the party gets started.

Joseph Riley Park

The Joseph P. Riley Park, which is named after Charleston’s longest-serving mayor, is home to the Charleston RiverDogs. You can load up into a party bus or limousine and watch a baseball game, or you can rent out the unique venue for your birthday. The facilities has a beautiful rental space with views of Charleston and can accommodate large groups. You have access to both catering and bar service for your celebration.

Mad River Bar and Grille

The Mad River Bar and Grille is just a limousine ride away for you and your friends. This beautiful and historic bar has high vaulted ceilings and is the perfect setting for friends and family to celebrate your birthday. The bar offers a cozy lounge for your guests, flat screen televisions, as well as well-known drinks that will be available to you for your private party.

Marquee Limousine Company offers the newest luxury models of all of our vehicles so that you can arrive in style at your birthday party, regardless of the occasion. We guarantee that transportation will arrive on time with clear directions about your party’s needs. You have the choice when working with Marquee Limousine Company of over fifty vehicles. If you are interested in learning more about our services, or booking today, you can contact us at 843-530-3257.

Spring Limousine Services

Now that spring has arrived in Charleston you may want to get out with your friends. Charleston Night Out Limo Service is perfect for those warm nights of going out to the movies, bars, clubs, or the theater. Instead of bothering with trying to find park or sweating through the warmer weather, we operate a 24/7 limousine service that will wait out front and take you to your destination. Our limousine service allows you to listen to any music that you would like with a CD player and MP3 connections. If you are looking to relax with your friends or have a fun night out on the town then we can help! Below you will find a selection of cars that we have in our fleet to help you arrive on time and in style.


Bentley Sedan


If you are looking to go out to dinner with a couple of your friends or to the theater then the Bentley Sedan may be the right selection for you. This comfortable car has air conditioning for warm spring nights and connections for you to listen to the music that you want. Feel free to relax as our driver picks you up and takes you where you want to go.


Jaguar Sedan


This might be the perfect selection for trying to impress that special someone. If you are going on a date, then the Jaguar Sedan can get you there in style. This vehicle is a two-passenger ride that will allow you to travel to a special occasion in style and comfort.


Party Bus


You may be looking to celebrate the arrival of spring in the next coming months. This party bus is perfect for weddings, proms, birthdays, city tours, bachelorette parties as well as nights our on the town. We offer drop-offs and pick-ups at various times. The party bus sits a total of fourteen people and has flat screen televisions, a booming sound system, a bar, an iPod connection, and fun lighting for your party to enjoy. You can relax and party with your friends, while a designated driver from Marquee Limousine Company picks you up and drops you off throughout the night.


Marquee offers some of the newest luxury model vehicles for all of your transportation needs. We guarantee your transportation to be on time, in clean condition, and with a driver that has the directions and understands your needs. If you are interested in learning more about Marquee Limousine Company services in the Low Country region visit us online where you can also book reservations.

Limousines Help to Impress Corporate Guests

Charleston, South Carolina is home to national and international business. Each business opportunity brings countless professional travelers into the area.  Professionals in every industry travel to South Carolina for new job opportunities and to deepen business connections. When you travel for business, or receive guests from our of town, it can be difficult to travel from the airport to your office. Limousines can help to make every business travel easy, whether you are receiving guests or departing from South Carolina. Marquee Limo Company is Charleston’s premier luxury car service, where we provide model luxury vehicles to make sure that you arrive on time and in style.


Chauffeured limousine services help corporate guests travel in ease and comfort when possible. Our services can help guests arrive at various hotels and event locations, such as the Charleston Place Hotel, The Market Pavilion, and the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island. In a single phone call, you can reserve a limousine for business from, such as airport transportation, hotel drop-off or convention center drop-off, scheduled business meetings, and other professional events. Limousine Services of Charleston efficiently handles planning, billing, and will file the right paperwork required for logging business expenses. If you are attending a conference or trade show, limousine travel may also help to carry event materials. Drivers escort customers to the front door of each location, guaranteeing a smooth and uncomplicated trip.


Renting a car at a crowded airport can be tiresome, time-consuming, and confusing. Chauffeured limousine services offer a quiet and pleasant way for your corporate guests to travel to their destination without interruptions. Customers are able to complete business phone calls, relax and enjoy refreshments, and get to see the city of Charleston without having to worry about directions. We closely watch flight information so that drivers will be waiting for guests at the airport regardless of variations in flight plans. The escort will help to load and unload the car for all corporate guests.


Charleston area business can support their professionals and visiting guests by scheduling a limousine online. Our services help business to impress their out-of-town guests by giving them a well-coordinated and professional limousine service experienced. As part of Charleston’s premiere transport service provider, our new luxury vehicles are dependable. Marquee Limousine Company provides excellent customer service to all guests and are attentive to the unique needs of professionals and VIPs. The vehicles are equipped with amenities, such as televisions, video players, stereo systems, and fiber optic displays. If you are interested in reserving a luxurious limousine service please contact us at Marquee Limo Company, 843-530-1775.