Prevost Bus: The Only Way to Charter Travel


Up until now, just about every single vehicle you’ve seen in our fleet is a great example of luxurious travel. A Lincoln Town Car makes for a great trip to the airport in style. The Party Bus is an essential way to enjoy a wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, and more—almost like a mobile nightclub. But now we come to a method of travel that’s less like traveling large—and more like living large.

We’re talking, of course, about our Prevost bus option. Prevost coaches are among the top options in large luxury travel for a number of reasons—many of which you’re about to find out. But it’s not just about travel with Prevost. It’s also about comfort that truly feels like “at home” comfort. Don’t believe us? Here’s what you can expect if you opt for a Prevost bus for your next party:  

  • Ample seating. With seating up to 20 guests, you’ll be able to move a large party from one area to another without sacrificing any one individual’s comfort. That’s a far cry from the usual “field trip” style bus that many people are used to.
  • Full kitchen. Plan on enjoying a good snack or two before the big game? Then the full kitchen is the only way to go, ensuring that all of the food is fresh and hot. No more stopping over at a fast food restaurant on the way to the game for you.
  • Dining area. Your guests shouldn’t just have access to good food—they should be able to sit down and enjoy it without having the coach pull over. A dining area ensures that everyone can enjoy the event on a full stomach while enjoying a smooth ride.
  • It’s not often you get access to a mobile bathroom, but our Prevost bus option allows guests to make full use of the restroom facilities and stay as comfortable as possible. With a bathroom on the go, you’ll make much better time and avoid the unnecessary stops and starts along the way.
  • If you’ve got a long way to go and want to make sure you’re as fresh as possible by the time you arrive, there’s no other option quite like a shower. Remember how we said that this bus wasn’t only about traveling, but about living? There’s no better amenity that says “home-style comfort” quite like your own shower.

This Prevost bus is less a party bus and more of a luxury mobile home, a way to get around in style while enjoying all of the comforts you’re used to on a home without wheels. Ideal for making long road trips to big games, parties, and family get-togethers, there may be no better way to get around in style than with a Prevost coach.

Want to reserve one for your next group outing? Then reserve your Prevost bus with Marquee Limo Co—get in touch with us and let us know about your specific needs or give us a ring at 843-530-3257.

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