Tipping Limo Drivers and Other FAQs

For most of us, limousine service is not an everyday occurrence in our lives. Subsequently, when those occasions do arise, we’re left wondering how to handle the etiquette, logistics, and process of limousine service. The truth? You’re the customer, so you should just sit back and relax and enjoy your limousine ride.

Okay, so that doesn’t make you feel any better. No need to worry: if you still wonder about a few lingering questions about riding in a limousine, this quick FAQ should set you straight.

Q: I have a party of X people. Which limousine should I choose?

A: Good question! You’d be surprised at how many people simply ignore the fact that in the limousine business, one size does not fit all. You want to find an affordable option in your limousine, not purchasing far more space than you need—but you also don’t want people in your party to be crammed in, either. Striking the right balances is the key here. And that means viewing a limousine company’s fleet. At our site, we list approximately how many people can be expected to ride in each limousine type, which includes vehicles of up to three passengers all the way up to a giant Prevost bus that, well, can carry a whole heck of a lot of people.

Q: How much should I tip the driver?

A: There are no set in stone rules here. Drivers genuinely appreciate any gratuity you provide them, of course. We recommend that you actually call a company ahead of time to find out their specific policy on tipping. Yeah, it’s an additional pain, but if you’re really unsure and you don’t know what to do, it’s the only way to be certain about what kind of gratuity might be expected.

Q: How can I make sure I don’t get ripped off?

A: Getting “ripped off” is usually a matter of unmet expectations. That’s why we think that you should investigate what you’ll get for your buck when you order a “package” from any limousine company. Ask them what amenities will be included for the price. Ask them about their hourly rate, and how long you can use the limousine for. These are the questions to ask to set the right expectations—which will lead to you understanding which limousine company really offers the best value for the price.

Q: Can I drink alcohol in a limousine?

A: You’ll love this answer…it depends! Check your state laws to understand what the policy is. There’s one thing we can be sure of, however: just because you’re in a limousine does not mean that you’ll have a pass to proceed underage drinking—you’d be surprised how often this comes up around prom time.

Q: How can I get started with a limousine today?

A: We thought you’d never ask! Call or email us to find out all about rates, fleet availability, and the amenities you can expect on your next limousine excursion.



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