How to Find Charleston’s Best Limo Company

Big events require a lot of planning. Who will be invited? What will be the venue? Who will provide the food, beverages and entertainment? But an often overlooked aspect of planning big events is the transportation. If you’re planning a memorable night – be it a party, wedding or corporate event – you want every aspect of the night to be memorable, which is why luxury transportation is a great option. In fact, you deserve the best limo company in the Lowcountry. Many of our pasts guests will tell you that their experience on our fleet of luxury was the pinnacle of their big event, and that they can’t imagine what it had been like without our services.

We can say we’re Charleston’s best limo service, but what exactly does that mean. Here are our criteria for calling ourselves the top limo service in the area:

1) Unrivaled customer service – anyone who inquires about our services is treated with world-class professionalism. We want you to choose us as your transportation service, and the only way to do that is to treat you like you deserve to be treated.

2) Versatility – we offer transportation for almost any situation, including corporate transportation and airport transfer, bachelor/bachelorette events, parties, weddings, concerts and sporting events, special occasions and hourly transportation.

3) Experience – for years, Marquee Limo Co. has provided Charleston residents and visitors with the transportation that makes their events memorable. We are among the most established and well-regarded luxury limo services in South Carolina.

4) Upscale transportation – our fleet is composed of impressive luxury vehicles that enable you to arrive in style.

In our opinion, these are the four criteria appropriate for evaluating limo companies in Charleston.

So, who is Charleston’s best limo company? We’ll leave that up for you to decide. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and fleet.


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