Charleston, SC Limousines: Find the Right Vehicle for Your Event

First things first: if you’re browsing a Charleston, SC limousine company service with only one or two vehicle types in its fleet, there’s a good chance you won’t find the right vehicle for you. Marquee’s fleet, on the other hand, offers ten options, ranging in capacity from small parties (2-3 passengers) to large, 40’ motor coaches.

When you have this many limousine booking options to consider, the process becomes simple. You have two variables that you’ll need to know:

  • What specific type of event do you plan to hold? Are you holding a celebration for a wedding party? A bachelor/bachelorette party? Or do you simply need a quick lift to the airport?
  • How many passengers do you expect? Knowing this alone will help you narrow down your choices to one or two limousine types.

Generally, you won’t have to go much further than that when selecting the right Charleston, SC limousine for your event. But if you have specific requests that can’t be found on the “fleet” page, you may have to do a little more digging.

Prepare a List of Your “Must-Haves”

Let’s say you’re planning to hire a Charleston, SC limousine service to transport a wedding party from the church to the reception hall. Suddenly the idea of a “wet bar” makes more sense than it might for a simple trip to the airport.

When you plan this far in advance, you’ll have more options. In fact, we encourage you to sit down and prepare a list of requirements that you want to see out of your specific vehicle.

For example, consider the following amenities:

  • Complete furnishings. Have a long way to go with a lot of people? The Prevost Bus includes a master bedroom, full shower, and functioning kitchen. That may be more than you need for a simple bachelor/bachelorette party, but for extended family trips it can be a life-saver.
  • Screens and music. The Charleston, SC Party Bus in our fleet includes two flat-screen TVs, iPod hookups, two wet bars, and even a light show.
  • Our Lincoln Navigator SUV features extended cargo areas even beyond the 5-passenger capacity. If you have a big family that doesn’t travel light, it may be the best way to hitch a ride to the airport.

Naturally, what you need out of your Charleston limousine may vary. Simply write down the variables you want and call up the limousine company to find out if there’s a vehicle that can accommodate you.

Always Reserve your Charleston, SC Limo in Advance

Finally, if you want to ensure that you get the vehicle you’ve selected, be sure to reserve it well in advance. If you’re arranging a wedding limo, for example, then there may only be one or two vehicles that will suit your needs. You need to make sure that you’re scheduled for it.

Contact Marquee Limo to find out more about amenities and which vehicles might best suit your needs. With enough time and forethought, you’ll be able to secure the right Charleston, SC limousine for your next event.

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