The Jaguar XJ Changes the Way You Think About Limo Services

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The phrase “limousine services” conjures up familiar images in most peoples’ minds: the stretch limousine, champagne, and good music.

But that’s not the only way to experience luxury limousine service. When people ride in our Jaguar XJ—one of the most “outside the box choices” from our entire fleet of luxury limousines—they get a different experience than the one they expected. In fact, for smaller groups, there may be no better way to get around.  

A British Approach to Luxury Limousine Service

The Jaguar XJ series is the flagship full-size luxury car of the British brand Jaguar, and one thing is clear: the British know how to do luxury. From the moment you get in the Jaguar XJ, you’ll see what makes this car stand out from any ordinary ride:

  • Ample room. With this full-size car, you’ll be surprised at just how much legroom there is. Simple airport shuttle service, for example, doesn’t have to mean cramped quarters in which you can get nothing done. In the Jaguar XJ, there will be plenty of room for whatever you need.
  • Comfortable leather. There’s nothing quite like authentic leather to separate your experience in a car as being a cut above the rest. Not only is it comfortable, but also it’s firm and strong.
  • Elegant features. With exotic woods in many of the features of the Jaguar XJ, you’ll see why attention to detail is such an important aspect of luxury service.

When to Hire a Jaguar XJ Luxury Limousine

Holding up to three passengers, there’s no doubt that this specific member of the Marquee Limo fleet is for smaller groups and more intimate settings. This isn’t the car for your bachelor or bachelorette party; instead, this is the car for airport shuttle service, special romantic occasions, weddings, and more.

You should think about hiring a Jaguar XJ luxury limousine whenever you have the need to have a little more peace and quiet. Getting work done while on the way to the airport is a great way to start. Sending a Jaguar XJ for an important client who’s in town is another great choice. You can also use the Jaguar XJ for pleasure, having a date night out on the town or celebrating an anniversary.

With a capacity of up to three passengers, your choices are somewhat limited—you can’t have a giant party in the back of a Jaguar XJ. And that’s part of the attraction. These cars are designed for intimate, personal celebrations, for business, and for enjoying a smooth ride in style.

Perhaps best of all: you don’t have to buy your own Jaguar to get a taste of the luxury it can provide.

If you want to reserve a Jaguar XJ for your next limousine need, be sure to contact Marquee Limo or call us at 843-530-3257. We’ll be glad to tell you all about the Jaguar XJ experience and book your next ride.

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