Limo Service: What You Should Expect from a First-Rate Company

A limousine ride is more than just access to a fancy car. It’s about the human element, as well: a driver who knows how to get you from A to B, sure, but who also helps to make you feel as comfortable as possible for the entire ride. Great limo service doesn’t stop there, either. Here’s what we think every customer should enjoy in their limo service.

Getting the Limo Service Details Right

You might have a good overall experience but still feel as though you aren’t quite valued as a customer. What’s going on here? Oftentimes, it’s an indication that some of the small details weren’t handled right. Here are just a few we like to focus on:

  • Baggage handling. A good limousine driver doesn’t pull up to the curb and wait for you to get in as if you were taking a cab. They should greet you, take care of any relevant baggage (if applicable), and ensure that you have everything you need for the upcoming ride.
  • Professional, courteous driving. Your driver should drive safely and should be courteous to other people on the road. How drivers treat other people can be an indication of how they might treat you.

Over time, these details can add up to a bad night or an extraordinary evening with your limo service. A quality limousine company like Marquee knows this and will always strive to better serve you.

Limo Service That No Quality Company Should Forget

The details matter, but limousine service is also about doing the big things right. That includes:

  • Responsibility and safety. A driver is responsible for the safety of their passengers. No amount of friendly service could ever make up for lapses in safety. Drivers are also responsible for obeying laws and ensuring the comfort of everyone on board at all times.
  • Politeness and thoughtfulness. Your driver should never be rude or infringe on your privacy, but they should be willing to engage with you as well, should that be your choice. Each experience is different, and a good driver will make special considerations.
  • Does the driver need to stop and get gas? No matter how polite they are, this failure to consider your experience is a serious lapse in quality limo service.
  • Putting the customer first. Do you have last-minute changes in the route? Do you have special requests? Accommodating the customer is a vital part of high quality limo service.

Don’t forget to take into account how your limousine company treats you from the very first moment you contact them. Do they give you professional and courteous service? Do they seem to know what they’re doing? These early indications can play a major part in your experience.

For outstanding limo service in the Charleston, SC area, contact Marquee Limo Co. today.

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