Limousine Booking: Three Reasons to Plan Ahead


The famous aphorist Mason Cooley once said, “procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.” That’s especially true when it comes to your limousine. What should be an easy process of calling up your local limo company and securing your limousine well in advance can become more difficult the closer you get to your big day. There are a few reasons you want to be sure to plan and call ahead.


You want to be sure that you’ll have the limousine of your choice on the day you need it. Even the best limousine companies offering the highest quality service can’t do much for you if they’re already booked solid. If you wait until the day before a big event to finally call in a limousine reservation, your preferred limo style may be already booked—or worse, all limos may be booked for the night.

How long should you wait? It depends. Let’s look at some of the most common limousine needs.

  • Weddings: Book as early as possible. Once you’re making plans, start making the booking. Some people often make their reservations as early as a year before the big day. At the very least, you should have it reserved months in advance.
  • Proms: Stick to months ahead of time as your general guideline here. Limousines are a classic prom night experience, which means they’re bound to get booked up quickly in your area.
  • Airport shuttling: You’ll have more flexibility here, but try to book the limousine once you have the plane tickets secured.
  • Concerts: If a concert is already sold out, it’s time to book the limousine. With a sold out show, there will likely be a number of people having the exact same thought you’re having—and for good reason. Limos are the best way to rock out in style!

Here’s a good rule of thumb for booking your limousine. The more you need the limousine on that day, the further ahead of time you should secure your reservation.

Secure the Vehicle of Your Choice

Sometimes you can get away with putting off your limousine reservation. But it usually comes with a caveat: you may not get the vehicle of your choice.

In some cases, you won’t care. For example, a ride to the airport in just about any luxury car will still be comfortable. But if you absolutely need a larger vehicle to move a wedding party around, for example, then you’ll want to call far in advance.

If you’re already making these decisions, have a look at our fleet and call ahead at 843-530-3257, even if it’s just to ask about a specific vehicle’s availability.

Make Your Night Easier

Once the limousine is booked, the foundation of your night is securely in place. Whether you’re attending a concert or simply celebrating an anniversary, logistics are no longer a problem. You have a way to get from A to B, and you can even call an audible to get from C to D, depending on how the night develops.

It’s not difficult to find a good venue to celebrate a night out. But without transportation lined up, all of the other arrangements could become a problem. Do yourself a favor and secure the limousine first. Contact Marquee Limo today.

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