Three Unconventional Uses for Limousine Rides

Chances are, you’ve been in a limousine before. Many of us have, thanks to occasions like prom nights, wedding days, and even birthday parties or anniversary celebrations out on the town. But if that’s been your only experience of a limousine in the past, we have just two words for you: there’s more.

In fact, there’s a lot more you can do with limousines when you think a little bit outside the traditional “box” and realize that convenient, luxurious travel doesn’t have to be a “once in a blue moon” prospect. With that in mind, we’d like to present to you three unconventional uses for limousine rides:

1. The Limousine Gift

The last time you took a limousine, be honest: either you were part of a party, or you were treating yourself, weren’t you? That’s been the way most people ride in limousines, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But one thing people forget about is that Limousine rides and nights on the town can also work as lovely gifts when you’re buying something for the proverbial “man or woman who already has everything.”

Besides, there are a number of advantages to limousine rides as gifts. They’re temporary, so there won’t be any need to store a “limousine ride” in the attic after the night’s done. They’re luxurious, which is always a great benefit for someone who wants to experience a taste of the finer things. And finally, they’re memorable—which is exactly what a gift needs to be.

2. Breaking Up the Week

Most people would agree that limousines are a “weekend” event. But who says that the weekdays have to be devoid of any hint of fun, particularly if you’re enjoying some days off or even an extended vacation? Nothing breaks up the week like a little bit of luxury and hitting up the town. Sometimes, limousine companies might even offer reduced rates during the slower days simply to drum up more business—which puts you, the customer, in the (metaphorical) driver’s seat.

Now we’re not suggesting that you need to make a regular habit of enjoying a limousine cruise every Tuesday night—but if you want to give someone an interesting birthday gift, or simply want to experience a little bit of luxurious relaxation yourself, there’s nothing like having a chauffeur.

3. Spice Up Your Weekend

One of the great advantages of having a chauffeur is that you can safely and easily drink responsibly while counting on a smooth ride home. If you have an upcoming event with a lot of friends—even if it’s just a pub crawl—you’d be amazed what a difference it can make to have a party bus or limousine take you from pub to pub. Not only does it elevate the night, but it makes everyone feel like they can kick back and relax, which means that you can count on having a much better time than the ordinary weekend out with friends.

Sure, these tips might be a little unconventional, but if you ask us—there’s never been anything quite “conventional” about a limousine ride, either.

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